Experience the enchantment of Cuba Under the Stars, a mesmerizing musical theater masterpiece weaving a man's nostalgic love for Cuban music against a backdrop of Cuban flair. Immerse yourself in this beautiful theater where Cuban rythms come to life, skillfully crafted and directed by Peter Regalado. This winter let Cuba Under the Stars redefine your musical theater expectations.


The orchestra, composed of 18 musicians, will be under the musical direction of Yordis Goiricelaya, nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2017 and 2018 as a producer, arranger and musician for Albita's big band album, and Enrnesto Fernandez as 2020 producer and arranger.


A core of 24 dancers were chosen from among more than 500 professionals that auditioned. These dancers locals and others, are seeing great opportunity in the Magic City They will perform under the artistic direction of Henry Gual, Choreographer and specialized teacher graduated from the National School of Art of Cuba. Creative and choreographic director of his Henry Gual Danza project.


During the two-hour production of CUBA Under the Stars, musical numbers will range from Cuban classics and original compositions by Cuban artists,  Salsa and Guaracha performer Luis Bofill, and singer, actress and dancer Lena Burke.


The cast is composed of talented actors including Jeffry Batista, a Cuban born actor and singer, he has been in plays including Amparo and Cacería. His film credits include The Rafter, the Lilo Vilaplana directed Plantados, and most recently, Critical Thinking, directed by John Leguizamo. Cast member Sandy Marquetti is a Cuban American actor who has participated in several international television and film projects, under the production and direction of Fernando Trueba.


• Opening Night: Friday, December 1st

• Show will run Friday and saturday except special days 7:00pm to 11pm thru February 25. 2024

• Seating Capacity: 400, with six feet of space between tables

• Wheelchair Accessible

• Admission: Adults Only

• Entrance Fee $50 to $150 per person.

The Schedule

Venue Schedule:


Cocktail Lounge (Food available)

Monday thru Thursday

12 pm- 10pm

Friday and Saturday (Show Days)

12 pm - 5 pm

Sunday (Show Day)

12 pm - 4 pm


Originally called Royal Palm Park, Bayfront Park was the Greater Miami community’s first public gathering space. The park was built in 1896 and had nothing more than a pavilion and a green space that visitors used for baseball games and track and field activities. A bandshell was added later, and the park was often used for athletic competitions, cultural and religious happenings, political events and more.


After expanding many times over the years, Bayfront Park now spans 32 acres in the heart of Downtown Miami and sits right on Biscayne Bay. Perfect for families who want to relax, play or exercise, this iconic park has open lawn spaces, a wide baywalk, winding walkways, a sandy beach area, a stunning fountain, performance venues with special event lighting and VIP seating areas, a tropical rock garden, a waterfall that dates back to 1926 and so much more.  Given its prime Downtown Miami location, Bayfront Park is surrounded by a large collection of restaurants, from grab-and-go fast food options to upscale haunts and dive bars. It is also surrounded by some of Greater Miami’s most iconic sites like Kaseya Arena, Freedom Tower, Bayside Marketplace and Maurice A. Ferré Park. Downtown Miami is pedestrian-friendly and these spots are all within walking distance. The latest attraction is the Skyviews Miami Observation Wheel, an enclosed gondola ride that rises nearly 200 feet above Bayside Marketplace, offering amazing views.


Peter Regalado

Executive Producer & Show Creator

Henry Gual


Director, Producer and Designer of many Large Events in Miami. “I have a passion for creating new events in our city to keep our residents engaged with the community.” Regalado says.

● Grand Prix Americas Miami

● Homestead Miami Speedway SpeedFest

● Latin Grammys’ Street Parties

● Downtown Holiday Village

● House of Terror Amusement Park

● Mediterranean Experience

● St. Jude Gala, since 2003 to 2015

● The Miami Herald –Travel Show

● IDB 49th Annual Board of Governors Meeting

● FELABAN Conference & Welcome Party

● Viva La Musica Private Concert with Gente De Zona

● House of Death, Haunted House &

   Lounge – Wynwood

● Cuba Nostalgia 2019 Edicion

Henry Gual Dancer, Choreographer and specialized teacher graduated from the National School of Art of Cuba. Creative and choreographic director of his HenryGualDanza project. Due to his authentic and exquisite work, he has become one of the most sought-after Choreographers in the field of musical entertainment, reality TV shows in Cuba and national and international video clips.


In his work he has more than 6 Musical Shows, standing out in "Bésame Mucho" The musical of passions and "Havana After Dark", the latter awarded at the FRINGE international festival in the city of Eidemburgo, United Kingdom, giving it 5 stars by the specialized press from the country.  Multi-nominated and awarded at the Lucas awards in havana cuba as the best choreographic work of the year. Henry has developed his own choreographic identity where he highlights the elegance of movement and the function of all dance styles.

YorGis Goiricelaya

Musical Director

Yorgis Goiricelaya, born in Cuba, in the city of Colón, Province of Matanzas, began his musical career at age 8 playing the piano.   In 1997 he began to play as a professional musician in groups and local Orchestra of the capital. Recording two albums of great acceptance.  Since his arrival to Miami in 2005 he has quickly started playing and sharing stages with important artists such as Albita, Rey Ruiz, Luis Enrique, Issac Delgado, Francisco Cespedes, Paquito D'Rivera, Arturo Sandoval, Oscar D'León, Habana Abierta, Osmany Paredes among many.


The last nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2017 and 2018 as a producer, arranger and musician for Albita's big band album, and Enrnesto Fernandez as 2020 producer and arranger, and winner as a producer of Best Salsa album and album of the year 2019 Tony Succar "mas de mi". In 2020 Yorgis has finished his latest Elegance’s Album with guest artists of world renown as: Orlando Valle "Maraca", Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Jesus Molina, Isaac Delgado, Julio Padron, Feliciano Arango, Tony Succar and others, taking this album to a new stage and level to the band

the CAST


Cuban American actor Sandy Marquetti graduated from the National School of Art (E.N.A), in Havana, Cuba, with a focus on theater. He made his film debut playing one of the leading characters in the musical film Bailando Cha Cha Chá (2005) under the direction of Manuel Herrera.


He has participated in productions such as Oh, La Habana (2007), a Cuban telenovela; and the films El Premio Flaco (2009); Chico & Rita (2010) under the guidance of the Spanish Director and Producer Fernando Trueba; Fable (2011); Barefoot Valeria (2011); The Dragon Hunter (2012); Juan de los muertos (2012) and Cuba Loves Lovers (2019).  Has worked for Canal Caracol TV, RCN, in Miami, at  América TeVé, MEGA TV and formed part of the cast of Telemundo telenovelas: Reina de Corazones,  En Otra Piel y Bajo el Mismo Cielo.


Jeffrey Batista, a cuban born actor and singer, who has been in plays such as Amparo and Caceria and the musical La Novicia Rebelde (Grateli), among others.


His film credits include The Rafter, Plantados directed by Lilo Vilaplana, and most recently, Critical Thinking, directed by John Leguizamo. Batista is a graduate of the Professional Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Teatro Prometeo.

Paula Rodriguez Massola

Graduated from the National School of Art in Cuba. At her young age she has experience in theater, under the direction of Carlos Díaz in the theater group “El Público”, and she was the presenter of the musical and dance show “The untold story of Bailando en cuba 2” among other works throughout throughout her career.


In film, she made her debut in the film “Why My Friends Cry” Directed by Magda González Grau. She has experience in television as an actress, her most recent project was the Cuban TV series, “Calendario”, and as a presenter for more than 6 years. Loves acting, music, dancing and art in general! She continues to learn and grow on this challenging journey.




Oldest daughter of Malena Burke and granddaughter of Elena Burke. She wrote her first songs at age 3, followed by guitar classes at age 5 by her father (Rey Nerio), and classical piano at age 7. After 12 years of studio recording, Burke becomes a concert pianist, winning several prizes. At this point her voice was discovered.  Burke learned to play guitar and classical piano as a child. Burke started her musical career singing backing vocals on albums by Gloria Estefan, Julio Iglesias, among many others. Sanz introduced Burke to executives at his label, who signed her. Her debut single, "Tu Corazón", a duet with Sanz, received a Latin Grammy nomination for Song of the Year. Her second album La Mala was released in 2008.


She participated in the chorus of many important productions: Plácido Domingo, Chayanne, Alejandro Sanz, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Julio Iglesias among others. In 2010, Burke joined Alex Ubago and Jorge Villamizar on the trio Alex, Jorge y Lena.


He began his career at the end of the 1970s with the "Nueva Trova Movement" in Havana, Cuba. Luis settled in Berlin, Germany, and performed with several bands in clubs and festivals. In 1994, Bofill came to Miami, performing at the 90’s iconic nightclub CAFÉ NOSTALGIA in Miami Beach.


In 2000, Luis started his own band. In 2005, he recorded the album Costumbres with SONY-BMG, the later, Made in Habana (2012) produced by Descemer Bueno and in 2017, he released Arsenio Essential, in homage to the great Cuban composer Arsenio Rodríguez.


 “Singer Luis Bofill has the kind of voice that calls out for a good time. The Cuban native is a Miami nightlife institution known for his classic bolero styling, lusty laugh and all-night-long enthusiasm,” said Judy Cantor-Navas of Billboard Magazine.


Born on June 26, 1985, in San Antonio de los Baños, Havana, Eylen showed early artistic promise in music and dance. She joined the National School of Art Instructors in 2000.


Starting her professional journey in 2003, Eylen joined various music groups such as "Havana Night," "Lady Salsa" Orchestra, "Son Catedral" Orchestra, and accompanied Juana Bacallao's Orchestra. In 2004, she joined the vocal quartet "Mango" and later spent 6 years with "Arnaldo y su talismán."


In August 2010, Eylen became a prominent vocalist in the Anacaona Cuban Women's Orchestra. Now residing in Miami, she thrives in the entertainment industry. She's a key part of the musical cast on América Tevé's TN3 show, captivating audiences with her performances. Eylen contributes her distinctive voice, personality, and charisma to the popular musical group Timbalive.

bonco quiNongo


Conrado Cogle, known by his stage name Boncó Quiñongo, is a celebrated Cuban actor and comedian whose journey into the world of laughter began during his university years. Born on January 21, 1971, in Havana's Santos Suárez neighborhood, Quiñongo took a surprising turn when he joined the esteemed Cuban humor group, Pagola la Paga, while studying Civil Engineering in 1988. Their success at the FEU Humor Festivals in the early '90s propelled Quiñongo into the limelight, sharing stages with renowned Cuban cultural figures and earning accolades at prestigious events.


Quiñongo's comedic genius reached a wider audience in 1993 when he starred in the popular television program "Sabadazo," solidifying his status as a household name across Cuba. Despite international ventures to Spain and later to Miami, he continued to captivate Hispanic audiences through shows like "El Happy Hour" and "TN3." His journey reached its zenith in 2019, as he clinched the Silver and Gold Seagulls at the Viña del Mar Festival and participated in the film "Plantados," shedding light on the struggles of Cuban political prisoners. Quiñongo's legacy endures as a testament to the universal power of laughter and his enduring impact on the world of comedy.


Malena Burke, born on September 15, 1958, in Havana, Cuba, is a celebrated singer now residing in Miami. She embarked on her musical journey at age 8, graduating from the Amadeo Roldan Conservatory with accolades in violin, guitar, and musical writing. Her singing career emerged coincidentally when she performed with her mother, the renowned Cuban singer Elena Burke, at Havana's Hotel Nacional de Cuba.


Selected as the headliner at Tropicana Club, Malena graced the stage for five years before captivating audiences in prestigious Havana venues like Hotel Habana Riviera, Havana Hilton, and Capri showrooms. Her success soon transcended borders, leading her to international tours across South America and Europe. Settling in Venezuela in 1993, she became a fixture at top-tier venues and music festivals. In 1995, Malena relocated to the United States, leaving her mark on stages from New York City to the Dominican Republic, while her discography boasts a collection of albums that embody her artistic prowess and global appeal.

Nic N Taya

Hailing from a rich musical heritage, Nic N Taya is a prominent Latin singer who has seamlessly blended their roots into a modern artistic identity. Born and raised in a culturally diverse environment, Nic N Taya's early exposure to a variety of musical genres sparked their passion for expression through music. From an early age, they showcased remarkable vocal talent and an innate ability to connect with audiences.


Nic N Taya's journey as a Latin singer began with formal training and an exploration of various musical styles, allowing them to hone their craft and develop a signature sound that fuses traditional Latin rhythms with contemporary elements. This innovative approach quickly gained attention and paved the way for collaborations with esteemed artists across the Latin music industry. With a growing discography and a dedicated fan base, continues to enchant audiences with their heartfelt performances, cementing their status as a dynamic and influential figure in the modern Latin music scene.


Liz Yanet García Pérez, known as Liz Yanet, was born on November 9, 1983, in Havana, Cuba. She began her musical journey at 9, winning awards in singing contests and performing in the Children's Scenic Cantoría and Sueño Azul Children's Company. At 11, she impressed audiences as a guest singer at the Boleros de Oro International Festival, and by 12, she was recording with Orquesta América alongside renowned Cuban artists.


Parallel to her musical pursuits, Liz Yanet pursued education fervently. Starting formal music studies at 14, she delved into various subjects like Art History, Musical Literature, and Vocal Technique. Graduating with honors at 18 in Choral and Theoretical Conducting, she showcased her vocal talent at prestigious national events, including the Roberto Faz Singing Festival and Habaneras 2000 Festival, all while lending her voice to diverse musical groups. Her journey stands as a testament to musical talent and unwavering dedication.


Alberto Pino

Alberto Alberto, born in Matanzas, Cuba, on November 11, 1972, discovered his musical passion at the age of 5. After years of dedication and training, he graduated from the vocal studies program at the "Escuela de Superación Profesional de Matanzas" in 1992. His professional journey began at 17 when he joined the Orquesta Pakasón.


Over the years, Alberto has performed, recorded, and composed with renowned artists and bands such as Los Van Van, Chucho Valdez, Irakere, Jane Bunnett, Spirit of Havana, Orlando "Maraca" Valle, Afro Cuba All Stars, Snow, Danilo Perez, Rey Ruiz, Oscar de Leon, and more. In 2018, he composed, performed, and appeared in the movie "The Cuban," directed by Sergio Navarretta, alongside the Oscar-winning actor Louis Gossett Jr. In 2022, Alberto collaborated on a project with Netflix for a recent production release.


Alberto possesses a remarkable talent for composing across various genres and is known for his unique, diverse, and unmatched vocal style. His powerful, warm, and sincere voice captivates audiences, earning their hearts and respect with each performance.



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